Jo's Story

Knowing the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning could save your live.


Jo Brooks was experiencing symptoms for several months before realising her family was suffering from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, putting their illness down to a virus that wouldn’t go away. When they finally got a gas safety check, they found that a loose flue was leaking CO back into their home.

“Every morning I'd stagger to work and feel like I was hungover even when I hadn't had anything to drink. I put it down to a nasty virus. After the gas safety check, we got a brand new central heating system, more CO alarms around the house and we now make sure we set a reminder for our annual gas safety check by a registered engineer."

Jo continued: “I know we are incredibly lucky and that it could have been a lot worse for us. I urge all families to make sure they know the symptoms of CO poisoning and make sure they get an annual gas safety check by a Gas Safe registered engineer as part of their routine to keep their family safe.”

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Latest research reveals that many people are not aware of carbon monoxide (CO) and the symptoms of CO poisoning. Jo Brooks explains how she was affected and why it's important to have your gas appliances regularly checked.

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