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Find out why an annual gas safety check is so important


Mother of two Jade Ullrich from Newquay knows only too well the importance of being aware of potential gas dangers. After moving into a new property, Jade, like many other gas consumers, did not find out if the gas appliances had been safety checked. Jade was pregnant at the time and for around a year she and her family suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a poorly maintained gas appliance.

“I feel extremely lucky that my family and I are alive. When we moved in the gas boiler had not been serviced in 18 months but I was completely unaware of the dangers this posed.

Jade continues: "It was only after we all started to suffer from extreme dizziness, tiredness and sickness that I thought something could be wrong. I called out a registered engineer who condemned the boiler immediately.”

Remember if you rent your home, your landlord is legally obliged to arrange a gas safety check for you every 12 months and must provide you with a copy of the gas safety record.

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