Gas Safety Week 2024 Toolkit

Don't miss the opportunity to take part in Gas Safety Week 2024, the biggest annual gas safety awareness week.

This year’s theme, ‘Checking—Every Check Counts,’ emphases the importance of regular gas safety checks and other simple checks people can do to keep themselves gas safe.

Join thousands of individuals and organisations in promoting gas safety and raising national awareness.

Download the free toolkit below, featuring a variety of materials designed for different audiences. These resources will help you communicate effectively with your customers, followers and other interested parties. This year, we’ve added new and refreshed resources as requested by supporters last year, including social media assets in Welsh!

Let’s encourage everyone to prioritise gas safety in their homes. Remember every check counts, no matter how big or small.

For questions about Gas Safety Week, please email


Social Media

Looking for content to post? We’ve made it easy for you. Simply use the social media posts, each aligned with this year’s theme, ‘Checking—Every Check Counts,’ and the daily gas safety focus. This year, there’s a new video and social media images, as well as post copy for all images available in English. Upon popular request, the video and social media images are also available in Welsh!

English toolkit       Welsh toolkit



Logos and Images

There are a range of images available to help illustrate important gas safety messages to your audiences, including stock images, the Safety Squad, and the GSW logos. You'll find even more images under the social media section.




Leaflet and Poster

Discover this year’s Gas Safety Week leaflet and poster, available for free download and printing. The leaflet also has a checklist with simple checks you can tick off to ensure you and your loved ones are gas safe. Unable to print? Go to our leaflet request form on our website where you can order these leaflets and posters free of charge.




Articles and Factsheets

If you're writing a gas safety article for a magazine or your website, our copy tailored for consumers, landlords, tenants, and the trade will be perfect for you. Also included are factsheets about carbon monoxide and advice for carers.




Press Release Kit

Find press release templates to edit and guidance on reaching out to your local community through the media.



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