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If you live in or around Bristol and need a boiler engineer to carry out work in your home or place of business, you can find local Gas Safe registered engineers right here.

Remember that when you’re looking for a boiler engineer in Bristol it’s essential that they are Gas Safe registered. We are the official list of all businesses which are legally permitted to carry out gas work. All engineers employed by any Gas Safe registered business will be issued with a Gas Safe ID card. This card gives you assurance that the engineer is qualified to carry out gas work. However, not all engineers are qualified for all types of gas work, so it’s important that you check their card before allowing them to start. We’ve created a quick guide to help you understand the Gas Safe ID card.

Boiler service in Bristol

If you have a gas boiler it’s important that it is serviced regularly. Annual servicing by a Gas Safe registered engineer should keep your boiler running safely and efficiently, and allow minor repairs and adjustments to be made. The manufacturers instructions for the boiler will specify how often a service or safety check should occur. This means that the chances of your boiler breaking down are reduced, along with the possibility of an expensive major repair or need for a boiler replacement.

Your boiler will work hard throughout the year, especially during the colder months, and regular maintenance like a boiler service could extend the life of your boiler. Also, if you have a new boiler then annual servicing is sometimes required to maintain the manufacturers warranty.

During a boiler service the engineer will carry out a thorough inspection, including an operational test of your boiler. They should make sure there are no faults with your gas boiler and that it’s operating safely, efficiently and effectively, in line with the appliance manufacturer’s instructions. During the service its good practice to run the heating system to ensure it's working correctly. 

Boiler repairs in Bristol

You don’t realise how important your boiler is until something goes wrong with it. Doing the dishes, having a bath, washing your hands, these are just some of the day to day activities your boiler supports. Suddenly being deprived of hot water can make you see just how much you take it for granted.

When your boiler breaks or develops a fault it can be very stressful and cause a lot of disruption, and finding a boiler engineer in Bristol can be hard work. We can help take part of the hassle away by giving you the reassurance that when you use our website to find an engineer to carry out boiler repairs in Bristol, they will be fully qualified to do so.

Boiler installation in Bristol

Do you need your old boiler replaced, or a new boiler installed at a property? We can help you can find Gas Safe registered engineers who can safely carry out boiler installations in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Boiler engineers who are registered with us will be fully qualified to carry out gas work that is listed on their Gas Safe ID card. You’ll be able to find boiler engineers in Bristol who are familiar with all brands of boiler, and able to make new installations smooth and hassle-free.


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