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Gas Safety


Safety in the home is important to everyone – as it should be. This section of the Gas Safe website is dedicated to vital safety information and guidance to help you keep your home safe.

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Find out the latest information on the COVID-19 pandemic and Gas Safe Register, including the impact on landlords gas safety checks and ACS qualifications for engineers.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide or CO poisoning is one of the major risks of an unsafe gas appliance. But what is it and how can we guard against it? Find out more.

Gas Safety Certificates & Records

What’s the difference between a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate and a Gas Safety Record, and when do you need them? More info here.

The Gas Safe ID Card

The Gas Safe ID card is a great indication that an engineer’s qualified and registered to do gas work – but what do you need to look for when the engineer shows you their card? You can find out in this section.

Concerns & Reporting Illegal Gas Work

If you have safety concerns over work carried out by a registered business, or are aware of a fitter carrying out illegal gas work, you can report the details to us.

Renting A Property

If you’re a tenant, it’s important to find out what your rights are regarding gas safety – find this information here.

Seasonal Gas Safety

While gas safety is important all year round, different seasons can affect how we stay safe. Find out more.

Gas Appliance Safety

If you’re having a new appliance fitted, here’s our checklist of actions to take to ensure it’s installed safely and correctly.

Gas Safety Leaflets

We produce a number of leaflets and posters which provide important gas safety advice. You can view and order these (free of charge) here.

Danger In Your Area

Find out how many unsafe appliances are in your local area and sign up for a free email reminder for your annual safety check with our useful Gas Map tool.

Gas Safety Week

The industry’s annual gas safety awareness event is co-ordinated by Gas Safe Register. It’s been going for a decade and has had great support from key players, consumers and engineers alike. Find out how to support.

Gas Appliance Guides

Discover a range of gas appliance guides and learn how to keep your gas appliance safe.


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