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We all want to stay safe in our homes, but how do we make sure our gas appliances are safe and working properly? In this section of the site we provide advice and guidance on common issues around gas safety in the home.

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New Gas Appliance Installation

If you’re having a new gas appliance installed, here’s some good guidance on the process you’ll go through.

Check Gas Appliances

Why should you have your appliances checked regularly? Find out all the details on appliance safety checks.

Gas Warning Labels

If a registered engineer has put a warning label on your appliance, find out what this means.

Buying A New Home

What are the gas safety considerations you need to bear in mind when buying a new property? Find out all the details.

Home Improvements

Doing DIY? Find our advice on guidance on how to stay safe when making home improvements.

Gas Safety for Carers

In the right hands gas is safe, but poorly fitted and badly maintained gas appliances or equipment can put you and others at risk.


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Featured Content

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide or CO poisoning is one of the major risks of an unsafe gas appliance. But what is it and how can we guard against it? Find out more.

Gas Safety Leaflets

We produce a number of leaflets and posters which provide important gas safety advice. You can view and order these (free of charge) here.

Carbon monoxide alarms

Ensure you are alerted to the presence of carbon monoxide with audible carbon monoxide alarms installed around your home.