Industry Contacts

Our list of contacts may be able to help you.

General Gas Safe Register enquiries:

Consumers and engineers: Please contact

Gas Emergency Contacts

Country Natural Gas (NG) Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Towns Gas/Mains Gas**
England, Wales and Scotland 0800 111 999 Contact number on bulk storage vessel or meter* N/A
Northern Ireland 0800 002 001 Contact number on bulk storage vessel or meter* N/A
Isle of Man 0808 1624 444 0808 1624 444 0808 1624 444
Guernsey N/A 01481 749000 01481 749000
Jersey N/A 01534 755555 01534 755555

*This applies for bulk and metered supplies – for cylinder supplies please see local telephone directory for contact details. On caravan sites and boats, the site owner and/or boat operator may also have gas safety responsibilities.

**Guernsey and Jersey use a manufactured LPG/air mixture commonly known as ‘mains gas’, served to customers from an underground mains. The Isle of Man has a similar system known as ‘towns gas’, however many of the LPG/air installations on this network are currently being converted to burn natural gas.

Contact Your Energy Supplier

Details of the six main energy suppliers:

Details of the three main LPG suppliers:

Other contacts

Fuel Useful contact details
Oil and Biofuel OFTEC: 01473 626298,
Solid fuel and Biomass HETAS: 01684 278170,

Further information

Consumer Advice:

Building regulations advice:

  • Local Authority Building Control (LABC) – visit the website to find your closest LABC office.

CO alarm advice:

  • Council of Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring (CoGDEM) – 0800 1694 457,

Medical information:

  • Visit NHS Choices and for non emergencies contact 111 (England and Scotland only).

Patient support groups:

  • Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society (CO-Gas Safety) – 01372 466112,
  • CO-Awareness Ltd – 0161 408 0082

Gas industry normative documents:


Download the latest Legislative Normative and Informative document list