Industry Contacts

Our list of contacts may be able to help you.

General Gas Safe Register enquiries:

Consumers and engineers: Please contact

Gas Emergency Contacts

Country Natural Gas (NG) Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Towns Gas/Mains Gas**
England, Wales and Scotland 0800 111 999 Contact number on bulk storage vessel or meter* N/A
Northern Ireland 0800 002 001 Contact number on bulk storage vessel or meter* N/A
Isle of Man 0808 1624 444 0808 1624 444 0808 1624 444
Guernsey N/A 01481 749000 01481 749000
Jersey N/A 01534 755555 01534 755555

*This applies for bulk and metered supplies – for cylinder supplies please see local telephone directory for contact details. On caravan sites and boats, the site owner and/or boat operator may also have gas safety responsibilities.

**Guernsey and Jersey use a manufactured LPG/air mixture commonly known as ‘mains gas’, served to customers from an underground mains. The Isle of Man has a similar system known as ‘towns gas’, however many of the LPG/air installations on this network are currently being converted to burn natural gas.

Contact Your Energy Supplier

Details of the six main energy suppliers:

Details of the three main LPG suppliers:

Other contacts

Fuel Useful contact details
Oil and Biofuel OFTEC: 01473 626298,
Solid fuel and Biomass HETAS: 01684 278170,

Energy Theft

Energy Theft  is a danger to people and properties

Energy theft, also known as meter tampering, occurs when individuals interfere with their electricity or gas meters or remove them completely to reduce their energy bills. This hazardous practice puts people and communities at risk, leading to potential electrocutions, fires, and gas explosions that result in damage to property, injury, and, in some cases, even death.

Learn more about the dangers of energy theft and how to spot it at the Stay Energy Safe website here.

Report Energy Theft to save lives

If you suspect energy theft, you can report it 100% anonymously, 24/7, 365 days a year, through the Stay Energy Safe website online form here or call the free phone dedicated number—0800 023 277.

Stay Energy Safe is an independent service operated by the charity Crimestoppers which guarantees you will remain 100% anonymous, they won’t ask who you are, they will just pass on what you know.

Useful contacts

Consumer Advice:

Building regulations advice:

  • Local Authority Building Control (LABC) – visit the website to find your closest LABC office.

CO alarm advice:

  • Council of Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring (CoGDEM) – 0800 1694 457,

Medical information:

  • Visit NHS Choices and for non emergencies contact 111 (England and Scotland only).

Patient support groups:

  • Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society (CO-Gas Safety) – 01372 466112,
  • CO-Awareness Ltd – 0161 408 0082

Gas industry normative documents:


Download the latest Legislative Normative and Informative document list