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Key Performance Indicators

The contractual performance of Gas Safe Register is measured through a balanced KPI regime which looks at various measures of performance.

The Gas Safe Register is operated by Capita Gas Registration and Ancillary Services Ltd (CGRAS) on behalf of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) under a service concession agreement. The performance of CGRAS is contractually measured through a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) covering five specific areas of the service. The KPI areas are:

  • KPI 1 Gas safety, consumer awareness and behaviour change
  • KPI 2 Gas consumer satisfaction with the service
  • KPI 3 Gas engineer satisfaction with the service
  • KPI 4 Monitoring and inspection service delivery
  • KPI 5 Advice and assistance to HSE and local authorities

Each KPI is derived from the measurement of various data and information sources such as statistics, mystery shopping and stakeholder surveys. Some of these are simple measurable outputs such as time taken to answer calls to the contact centre, undertaking an agreed number of inspections of gas work, or resolving complaints within an agreed period; other measures are more focused on attitude and perception of audiences regarding how Gas Safe Register is working. This mixture of quantitative and qualitative measurement provides a balanced scorecard.  Individual sections of each KPI have their own set target results, all of which are reviewed by HSE and reset annually. Revised targets incorporate additional ‘stretch/challenge’ elements to ensure the Concession is delivering best performance and value.  They also allow for shifts in focus.

The following graphs depict performance against the baseline target for each KPI during the last 9 years. The blue section of each graph shows the contractual performance results for each KPI. It is important to note when comparing with previous years that KPI targets are adjusted annually.









KPI regime as a whole also allows penalties to be applied in the event of failure to reach overall targets. CGRAS performance against these set criteria on the overall KPI regime has meant that no penalties have been incurred.