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Background information

If you are a gas engineer or operate a gas business from outside the UK, Isle of Man, Guernsey or Jersey and are looking to undertake gas work on either a permanent or temporary/occasional basis you will need to be Gas Safe registered.

Applying for registration

IMPORTANT - In accordance with Section 8(3) of the Professional Qualifications Act 2022, it is noted here that Sections 8(2)(b) and (c) of that Act do not apply to the profession of gas engineer. Any person wishing to practise the profession must hold a qualification on the List of Approved Gas Qualifications and be registered with Gas Safe Register before undertaking any gas work in the UK. A list of Approved Gas Qualifications recognised by Gas Safe Register can be found at euskills.co.uk/about/our-industries/gas/

As part of the registration process it will be necessary for you and any engineers from outside the jurisdiction of Gas Safe Register to hold recognised Certificates of Gas Safety Competence, issued through a UKAS BS EN 17024 accredited Certification Body. Evidence of gas safety competence is awarded through the process of proving to a recognised awarding body that you have the appropriate level of knowledge, experience, understanding and practical skills to undertake gas work safely. To achieve relevant Certificates of Gas Safety Competence you will need to provide evidence of your and any employed engineers’ gas qualification(s) and experience gained outside the Gas Safe Register jurisdiction, to the Certification Body. A list of suitable evidence of gas safety competence recognised by Gas Safe Register can be found at euskills.co.uk/about/our-industries/gas/

Confirmation of achieving the necessary certification(s) the Certification Body, evidence of gas safety competence is sent by the awarding body electronically directly to Gas Safe Register and is only recognised once received from the awarding body concerned.

Once Certificates of Gas Safety Competence have been received an application for Gas Safe registration can be made. Remember that certificates in different areas of gas work correspond with different Gas Safe work categories. Once you’ve successfully registered with us, you’ll receive your Gas Safe ID card showing the categories of gas work you’re qualified to do.

NO gas work can be legally undertaken without registration.

Certificates of Gas Safety Competence are renewable every five years. Gas Safe Registration is renewable annually. If you would like to apply for registration with Gas Safe Register, please follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that all engineers that will be working for the business hold current Certificates of Gas Safety competence issued by a recognised Certification Body, accredited to BS EN 17024 prior to making your application
  2. Create an online account and complete the online application form and pay the application and registration fee:


Current fees can be found at: www.gassaferegister.co.uk/services/becoming-registered/registration-fees/ 


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