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Nominate your appliances for inspection

Just had gas work done? We can take a look

In order to ensure that Gas Safe registered businesses are up to date with industry standards and manufacturer's instructions, we look to carry out regular inspections of gas work.  Nominating your property for a free inspection not only helps us do this, it should also give you piece of mind that your new appliance has been fitted safely and correctly.

If you’ve had a new installation fitted in the last six months, please feel free to complete our form nominating your property for an inspection. If you are selected we’ll contact you within that time period and look to arrange a suitable time and date to visit. Unfortunately we’re unable to visit every property, so if you are not contacted within the six month time period, you have not been selected. Please note: if you have safety concerns over an installation you can raise a complaint with us at any time and we’ll carry out a site visit should it be appropriate.

Should your installation be selected for inspection, the registered business who completed the gas work will usually be given the option to attend any appointment. After the visit has been carried out you’ll be provided with an inspection report detailing the gas work completed.

If you’ve had gas work carried out in the last six months and would like to nominate your property for inspection please click on the button below to do so online. We’ll ask for:

  1. Your full name;
  2. Your address and contact details;
  3. The name and address of the business you employed;
  4. The name of the engineer who completed the gas work;
  5. The date the work was completed;
  6. The type of work carried out (e.g. installation of a gas cooker);
  7. Details of the appliance if possible, e.g. the make and model of the cooker.

Nominate appliance for inspection