How to find an engineer or check the register

Learn how to find and check your Gas Safe registered engineer is qualified to work on your gas appliances

Finding a gas engineer to service or repair your gas appliances is easy, you get your phone out and search for gas engineers and voila, plenty of advertised gas engineers. How many of these are qualified for the job you need them to do though? 

Remember, Gas Safe Register is the only official registration body of gas businesses and engineers in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey. By law, all gas businesses must be on the Gas Safe Register.

Using the Gas Safe Register website ensures you have up to date, detailed information on businesses and individual engineers' qualifications.

Understanding the Gas Safe ID card

All Gas Safe registered engineers will carry an ID card which details who they are and what they are qualified to work on. You can find more information about the Gas Safe ID card at the link below:

Finding a Gas Safe engineer

On our homepage and other selected pages throughout our website, you will see the below search box.


Find and Check CTA


To find an engineer it’s as simple as putting your postcode in the search field and clicking search. You can also select domestic and commercial depending on whether you are looking for an engineer for a home or for a business.

The search results are listed by distance from a geographically centred point. If you searched for a postcode starting RG11, we use a geographical point at the centre of RG11and work outwards showing results based on distance. 


Example of how results are sorted by distance from postcode


Using a specific postcode will always get you results closer to your location.

On your results page you will see a list of businesses each with its own panel. An example of this can be seen below.


Example business listing.


The links to View Services will give you a full list of the types of gas services that this business can offer.  Viewing the engineers allows you to view individual engineers and their qualifications – more on this in the finding specific qualifications section next. 

Finding specific qualifications

Our advanced search functionality allows you to search for engineers that hold specific qualifications. We have a range of options that can be used to filter the results once you have made your initial search. 

For example, you can filter by LPG or Natural Gas, Domestic or Commercial and by a range of appliance types that the business or engineer is qualified to work on.


Search results refinement section


The appliance type filter includes a wide range of appliance types that match engineer qualifications dependant on which fuel type is selected – so be sure to do this first. By selecting one or more of these you will be filtering the potential engineer results by these qualifications and can be used where a specific need is found. For example, finding and engineer qualified to work specifically on LPG cookers on domestic boats.

Checking a Gas Safe engineer

Checking an engineer or business is as simple as clicking on check and entering the person or business you’d like to check.


How to check a gas engineer or business is competent.


Image above shows “Check” selection active.

Using the Check feature on our site enables you to:

  • Check an engineer by ID
  • Check an engineer by name
  • Check a business by ID
  • Check a business by name
  • Check a business by phone number

Once you’ve entered your query and clicked search, you may be presented with the screen shown below. Please note that if you searched by engineer ID or business ID this screen will likely not show. 


Interim search page to confirm details


Select the appropriate options and the search will continue. If a one or more results are found these will be presented to you.