Order Replacement Building Regulations Certificate

Want to check if your appliance has been notified? Or if you've lost your Building Regulations Certificate and want to order a replacement for only £7.92 (inc. VAT), you can do this below.

A Building Regulations Compliance Certificate is an important document for homeowners – but if you can’t find yours don’t worry, we can arrange for a replacement to be sent.

If your details are on our system we can send out a duplicate certificate at a charge of £7.92 (inc VAT). Please note only one certificate can be ordered at a time, and the certificate will be emailed out to an email address you provide, and posted to the installation address only.

Simply follow the instructions below and input your address details to begin the process of ordering your replacement certificate. Once we’ve confirmed your address we’ll take you through the payment process to complete your order. Please remember to make sure you've checked the address (and other) details entered are correct before ordering the certificate, as you will be charged.

If your address details aren’t bringing up a match, you’ll need to contact the Gas Safe registered business who did the work to check they’ve notified it to us.

Please note: You will need an email address to order online.


Was the building regulations certificate complete on or after 1st April 2009?