Here you can find a range of factsheets from working as and engineer to gas safety. 

Consumer factsheets

Winter Gas Safety Factsheet

Once the cold weather sets in, lots of us use our gas boilers and gas fires to keep our families safe and warm. Found out how you can stay Gas Safe throughout Winter. 

Download Guide: Winter Gas Safety Factsheet

Gas Safety on Holiday

Whether staying in a B&B, villa, chalet, tent, hotel, caravan or boat, Gas Safe Register recommends that anyone taking a trip away in the UK or abroad follows these simple gas safety precautions.

Download Guide: Gas Safety on Holiday



Engineer factsheets

What to expect on your probationary inspection

After registering with Gas Safe Register, you will be invited by email to undertake a probationary work inspection with your local inspector. Learn what to expect in this guide to your probationary inspection.

Download Guide: What to expect on your probationary inspection

What to expect on a work inspection

We carry out inspections of all registered business to ensure they are applying gas competence. As per the Gas Safe Register Rules of Registration, you must allow Gas Safe Register to inspect gas work undertaken throughout the course of your registration. Find out what this means for you in the guide linked below. 

Download Guide: What to expect on a work inspection


Useful Downloads

  • Winter safety factsheet

  • Gas safety on holiday

  • What To Expect On A Work Inspection

  • What To Expect On Your Probationary Inspection