Report Suspect Gas Work

We need your help to tackle unregistered gas work

You can ensure that the engineer or business is registered by checking online. If they are registered, and you have concerns you can raise them here.

If they are not registered, they are working illegally and you can report them to us.

In order to raise a concern about gas work, we will usually need the following details from you:

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • The name, registration number and address of the business
  • The engineer’s name and licence number on their ID card.

We will also require further information about the gas work carried out, if possible:

  • Has the engineer been informed of the complaint?
  • Has the job been completed?
  • Has any remedial work been done? If so, are you satisfied with this corrective work?
  • Has any additional gas work been carried out on the premises?
  • Do you have any further information that could be used to support your concerns?

We will then review all the details provided and carry out an investigation, which may include a site visit to inspect the gas work undertaken. Following the inspection visit, a copy of the inspector’s report will be sent to those parties entitled to receive a copy.

For more information you can download a copy of our Consumer Policy – Our Services Explained.


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