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Find an engineer by searching your town/city or your postcode.



When your gas appliances need to be serviced or repaired, you probably want it done as quickly as possible. But taking a shortcut to find an engineer can end up costing you more in the long run. Always check the Gas Safe Register.

Our Find & Check search below will help you to find a Gas Safe registered engineer near you or check that your preferred engineer is qualified to work our your gas appliance. 


Cutting corners could:

Invalidate the warranty on your boiler 



Cutting corners could:

End up costing you more money



Cutting corners could:

Cause a gas explosion or CO poisoning



These are all serious consequences of cutting corners with gas, but they can't compare with the real risk of physical harm to your family if you hand over your gas repairs to an illegal engineer.


Are you serious about gas safety?

Just by being on this page, we know you're taking gas safety seriously. So while you're here, why not set a reminder for your next safety check?


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