Cutting Corners Costs Lives – 1 in 10 people don’t have their gas appliances serviced annually

New research for Gas Safe Register’s Don’t Cut Corners campaign has found that an alarming 1 in 10 people have said they probably won’t have their gas appliances serviced in the next year, with 5% saying they would try and service their boiler themselves.

The findings indicate that Brits are a nation of corner cutters, with significant amounts of people choosing to run red lights(18%), cycle without helmets (15%) and not to wear seatbelts (9%). Added to the concerning gas safety figures above, the poll also found that 25% of people do not have a working carbon monoxide alarm.

As part of the campaign, TV presenter Gloria Hunniford OBE has teamed up with Gas Safe Register to emphasise to people that, although cutting some corners can be OK, this should be avoided when it comes to gas and people should only use Gas Safe registered engineers for all gas work. Gloria has spoken to radio stations across the UK as we look to encourage the nation to become more aware of gas safety.

With the research also highlighting that significant amounts of people cut corners by choosing ready meals over cooking from scratch (33%) or opting to buy vouchers as birthday presents (30%), Gas Safe have also partnered with TV presenter and celebrity dad Jeff Brazier, who has produced a series of videos discussing how he cuts corners in life, but how he’s not willing to compromise his family’s safety by cutting corners with gas. We’ve been sharing these on our social media channels and you can also view them on YouTube.

Stay updated on the Don’t Cut Corners campaign by following us on social media. If you’re looking to find a registered engineer in your area, you can visit the Find/Check An Engineer page or contact Gas Safe Register on 0800 408 5500.