Look out for Gas Safe's new 'Don't Cut Corners' TV ad

New advert launches 'Don't Cut Corners' campaign

Gas Safe Register are coming to a small screen near you, courtesy of the new Don't Cut Corners TV advert featuring Jack Corner.

Jack is a family man obsessed with corners. He takes the corners for his football team, folds corners to make paper planes and can make a decent dovetail joint - but the one thing he never does is cut corners with gas. Jack knows that if his gas appliances need fixing he must contact a Gas Safe registered engineer, because cutting corners, either by using an illegal fitter or attempting DIY gas work, could cost his family their lives.

The advert will air on TV every other week until the end of March 2019, and will be shown on multiple channels including mainstream entertainment channels like ITV2, ITV3 and More4, and more lifestyle-focused channels including the Discovery channels, Home and Food Network. 

Also, during the week of 5-11 November 2018 Don’t Cut Corners with Gas adverts will be appearing in national newspapers - the Daily Mail, The Times, The Sun, London Metro, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Daily Star and i. The campaign also sees outdoor billboard/bus stop advertising and radio ads on a number of commercial stations, including stations in the Absolute, Smooth and Heart networks. Watch out for the campaign on social media too - follow Gas Safe Register on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.