Winter Campaign 2023-2024

Our winter campaign, which ran from 16th October 2023 to 3rd March 2024, aimed to increase awareness of the Register and the importance of using a Gas Safe registered engineer for any gas work. We’ve reached the nation through TV, radio, newspaper, and online ads, and this has been bolstered by two PR campaigns, one in November, one in January.

In the first phase of our PR activity, we addressed a pressing concern: the potential risks faced by 4.5 million Britons1 heating just one room in their homes during the winter season. Coinciding with Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week last November, our campaign sought to promote safe heating practices.

Our inspection data revealed safety concerns amongst 1 in 2 UK homes with gas fires. Through targeted messaging the campaign stressed the importance of annual gas safety checks, proper ventilation in rooms with gas appliances, fitting audible carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, recognising signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, and locating the Emergency Control Valve (ECV).

As 15 million Britons2 were expected to sleep in heated rooms during the winter, raising awareness of gas safety remained crucial. Our campaign urged individuals to prioritise gas safety amidst challenging circumstances providing essential information and resources. From the digital perspective, the impact of the campaign’s advertising efforts was significant, with our message reaching over 4 million people across various social media platforms.

During our second PR campaign, we shifted our focus to educating UK grandparents on gas safety, recognising their pivotal role in childcare. UK grandparents could be putting over 12 million grandchildren at risk by overestimating gas-safety savviness. With this in mind, our campaign emphasised the importance of annual safety checks and provided essential tips for creating a gas-safe environment within homes. Leveraging the influence of renowned DJ Tony Blackburn OBE, as well as the expertise of gas safety expert Rob Denman and the impactful engagement of media influencers Jess and Norma, we amplified our message and extended our reach to a wide audience.

Over 100 media outlets, including The Daily Express and Daily Star, regional and local title and regional radio stations, interviewed Tony Blackburn and Rob Denman, head of field and professional services.

Furthermore, media influencers Jess and Norma, garnered over 5,000 reactions on their Instagram content, enhancing the reach of our campaign.

An example of the coverage can be seen in the Daily Express as well as many other publications who covered the story and shared the campaign infographic (see below).



Should the infographic above not be readable by screen readers, the below details the content included. 

Keeping the home has safe and secure.

How clued up are grandparents on the potential signs of dangerous gas appliances, and how do they make their homes safe for their grandchildren?

When inspected by a Gas Safe Register, 1 in 5 UK home had an unsafe has appliances.

Further statistics from Infographic.

  • 60% lock all their windows and doors in order to keep their grandchildren safe.
  • 53% correctly identified dark, sooty staining around their gas appliances as a warning sign.
  • 60% correctly identified fault codes appearing on their boilers as a gas safety warning signs.
  • 73% keep dangerous objects our of reach from their grandchildren.
  • 60% correctly identified pilot lights in their boiler going out as a gas safety warning sign.
  • 78% correctly identified their carbon monoxide alarm beeping as a gas safety warning sign.
  • 60% correctly identified their boiler making unexpected noises as a gas safety warning sign.
  • 60% ensure their carbon monoxide alarm is fitted and tested regularly.
  • 55% get their gas appliances safety checked every year.
  • 67% ensure smoke alarms are fitted and tested regularly.
  • 57% correctly identified a lazy yellow flame as a has safety warning sign.

Survey conducted by OnePoll for Gas Safe Register in December 2023 with a sample of 2,000 UK householders (renters and owners) who are grandparents and have caring responsibilities for their grandchildren.



Winter Campaign 2023 2024 collage



1. Research conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of Gas Safe Register. Opinion Matters surveyed 2,006 UK residents (aged 16+) – nationally representative across age, gender and region – between 3rd and 5th October 2022, of which 592 have a gas fire in their home. Opinion Matters abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.

  • 4% of respondents answered they plan to only heat one room this coming winter, which was multiplied by the UK population of 67 million, this estimates 11 million Brits plan to do this.
  • 78% of respondents answered they plan to only use the room that is heated using a gas fire this coming winter, which was multiplied by the UK population of 67 million, this estimates 4.5 million Brits plan to do this.

2. 23.08% of respondents stated, “I plan to sleep in a/the room that I'll be heating this coming winter.” Multiplied by the UK population of 67million, this estimates 15 million Brits plan to do this.