Sheco Engineering Services Ltd

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Qualified to work on
Service Natural Gas LPG BR
Combustion performance gas analysis
Combustion Performance Analysis LPG
Combustion Performance Analysis NG
Gas Boiler
Central Heating DOM LPG
Central Heating DOM NG
Gas installation pipework
Pipework DOM NG (CORE)
Pipework PD DOM LPG
Gas Water heaters
Water Heaters DOM LPG
Water Heaters DOM NG
Vented hot water storage cylinders
Vented Cylinders
Building Regulations
Extension to Existing Heating System
Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device
Flue Liners
Heating Controls Separate to Heating Appliance
Heating System
Hot Water System with Vented Hot Water Storage
Hot Water System Without Storage
Miscellaneous flued gas appliances
Non-masonry flue
Waste Water Heat Recovery Device