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Dispute Resolution Ombudsman News

Gas Safe's partnership with the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman

In September 2015 a partnership to work together and share gas safety messages was formed between the Gas Safe Register and The Dispute Resolution Ombudsman (DRO). As a provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution to businesses and consumers, the DRO is relied upon to be consistently up to date on all aspects of UK consumer law.

All Gas Safe registered businesses will be required to comply with the Consumer Rights Act 2015.  This Act governs contracts for the sale and supply of goods and services to consumers and sets the standards which must be met. 

What is a service?

A contract under which a trader agrees to supply services to a consumer.

What are the trader’s responsibilities?

The service must be provided with reasonable care and skill and if not agreed beforehand:

  • The service must be carried out within a reasonable time
  • A reasonable price must be charged for that service

What are the potential consequences?

If these responsibilities are not met, the consumer will be entitled to a remedy. Depending on the circumstances this could be repeat performance, a refund, or a price reduction. 

How do contracts for goods differ?

Any goods supplied must:

  • Be of satisfactory quality
  • Be fit for purpose
  • Match their description

Failure to meet any of the above standards can amount to a breach of contract by the trader and the consumer would be entitled to a remedy. The remedies available could be a repair, replacement or refund.

Some common questions and their answers about the sale of goods and services can be found on the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman website.