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Information for landlords

, private sector landlords, co-operatives, hostels. Rooms, let in bed-sit accommodation, private...) Regulations 1998 outline the duties of landlords to ensure gas appliances, fittings and chimneys... of this latest gas safety check. Landlords are not responsible for safety checks on gas appliances owned...

Last updated : 11 April 2018


Landlords gas safety requirements

responsibilities when it comes to gas safety. Landlords have legal duties for gas safety... specific duties for landlords to keep their tenants safe. Annual gas safety checks To make sure that any gas appliances and flues provided for tenants are safe for continued use. Landlords must...

Last updated : 11 April 2018


Short term lets

responsibilities when it comes to gas safety. Landlords' duties apply to a wide range of accommodation... boats on inland waterways  residential premises. Landlords have specific duties for gas safety..., there are three specific duties for landlords to keep their tenants safe.  Maintenance: pipework...

Last updated : 11 April 2018


Renting a property

Gas safety for landlords Managing the gas safety of your property can be an additional headache on top of your other duties – but you’ll want to avoid opting for a quick fix. Find out more about your legal responsibilities here.   Gas safety for tenants Renting a property means there’s always...

Last updated : 11 April 2018


Around the industry

to update its' Let’s Make It Safe guide for tenants and landlords. Due to different health and safety... be available soon. They explain what landlords and tenants must consider in order to keep their property... alarm as part of the plan. More information here. National Landlords Association (NLA) The NLA works...

Last updated : 07 March 2018


SA 001 - 20 Dec 2010 - HSE Safety Alert on gas appliance flue systems in voids - revised

at builders and developers, managing agents, landlords and occupiers of residential properties with gas..., HSE’s advice to property owners and landlords is to ensure gas appliances are serviced... of properties with a gas boiler; • Landlords (private and social) and Managing Agents; • Gas industry...

Last updated : 23 February 2017


2015 Industry News

please visit: TrustedTraders.Which.co.uk   Countdown to new law affecting landlords and agents in Wales The countdown has begun for a new law affecting all landlords and agents in Wales being introduced... Wales. All managing landlords and agents will also have to obtain a new type of licence. This new...

Last updated : 07 March 2018


Gas Safety Record

Landlords or Tenants page.   What would you expect to see on a Landlord’s Gas Safety Record... out on the appliances. Landlords also have a legal duty to maintain pipework is a safe condition...

Last updated : 14 September 2018


2.7million Renters at Risk from Dangerous Gas Appliances

. Despite landlords being responsible for ensuring that all gas appliances provided by them are safety... of their duty of care. In fact, one in seven landlords (15%) think gas appliance safety... consequences, regardless of the type of property. “We are urging renters, homeowners and landlords alike...

Last updated : 31 January 2019

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