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There’s no off-season when it comes to gas safety, but it’s important to know that seasonal gas safety is very much a thing. As temperatures rise and dip, or the rain falls in torrents, it can have unique impacts on your gas appliances.

To help you get a better handle on seasonal gas safety we’ve gathered everything you need to know about key challenges throughout the year. Read through and make sure you’re gas safe 365 days a year.

BBQ safety

Summer is a time for being outdoors and enjoying long evenings, maybe with a BBQ in the garden or when you’re out camping. Gas safety isn’t just something for the home, and BBQs need special attention to ensure they’re safe. Find out more by reading our guide to BBQ safety.

Gas safety on holiday

You’re heading off for a well-deserved holiday. The planning. The packing. The travel. The last thing on your mind is gas safety, but it’s vital that you keep yourself safe. Whether it’s a long summer holiday or a winter weekend getaway are you stashing a carbon monoxide alarm in your suitcase? You should be, because your accommodation could have a badly fitted or poorly maintained gas appliance. Discover the gas safety tips you need to know when you’re on holiday.

Winter gas safety

When it comes to seasonal gas safety, winter is the time of year most people think about. As the temperatures plummet and frost forms on the car it’s the time when the heating gets turned up to the max and your gas appliances are put under the most stress. Find out all about winter gas safety here.

Gas safety during a flood

Flooding is becoming an increasing problem throughout the UK, and when a flood strikes it can be a disaster for homeowners. Floods can devastate property, belongings and even pose a threat to lives, and part of the potential danger is damage to gas pipes and appliances. Find out what you can do to minimise the risks during and after a flood.