Online learning

Improve your knowledge and understanding of gas safety using our online learning tools

We’ve created an online learning platform designed to help increase your awareness and provide you with an understanding of key gas safety areas. There’ll be a short interactive quiz at the end of each module to test you.

If you’d like to access a learning module, simply select the appropriate link from the list below and this will automatically start the module. Each screen is timed – however you can control their speed using the cursors at the bottom of the screen.

(Note: The learning modules are currently supported by Adobe Flash Player and will not operate on some Apple devices).

Know CO – Carbon monoxide awareness
Provides further information on carbon monoxide – how it is produced, how to protect against it and how to recognise the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

BBQ safety
Enjoying a summer BBQ? This module provides information on how to stay safe whilst making the most out of the summery conditions.