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free gas safety inspection

After you have had gas work completed in your property you can nominate your installation to have a Gas Safe Register inspection.

We inspect gas work undertaken to ensure that registered businesses continue to work in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and industry standards. To help us do this, we ask you to nominate any gas work you have had completed in the last six months for a free gas safety inspection.

We will select work for inspection from the nominations submitted and if your property is selected we will contact you within six months to arrange a site visit. Unfortunately we cannot inspect every installation and therefore advise that your property may not be selected for inspection and you may not be contacted.  

Please note, if your installation is nominated for an inspection, the business that completed the gas work will be advised of the site visit and will be given the option to attend. After the inspection you will be given a report of the gas work completed.

If you need to make a complaint about recent gas work you have had done then find out more about making a complaint

If you have had gas work completed in the last six months and would like us to consider your property for inspection please click the button below to submit your nomination.


To nominate gas work for inspection please provide us with;

  • your full name
  • your address, phone number or email address 
  • the name and address of the business you are nominating 
  • the name of the engineer you are nominating.

You will then need to tell us about the work carried out including;

  • the date the work was finished  
  • the type of work carried out e.g. fit a gas cooker
  • details of the appliance (if applicable) e.g. make and model of the cooker.


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Are you eligible for a free gas safety Inspection?

If you have had gas work done in your house in the last 6 months then you are eligible for a free gas safety inspection.

Download the form and nominate your property today.