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gas safety on holiday

Take care, be Gas Safe at home and away

Holidays are the time of year we all look forward to. Whether it is raining or shining, and whether you are booking an idyllic holiday cottage, a caravan at the seaside, roughing it in a tent or just holidaying at home and having a barbecue in the garden, it pays to be aware of the potential risks.

40 people have been killed or injured by carbon monoxide whilst staying in a tent, caravan, holiday cottage or boat in Britain in the past two years. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a highly poisonous gas that is produced by the incomplete burning of gas, liquid gas, oil, coal and wood.

When you go away you might be more vulnerable than in your own home. If you are staying in rented accommodation whether it’s a B&B, villa, chalet, hotel, caravan or boat you don’t always know how often the gas appliances have been safety checked or serviced or if it’s been done by someone qualified. In the UK, by law, landlords must have gas appliances safety checked every year – ask the landlord for an up-to-date gas safety record. Download our top tips for holiday safety or watch the video below.

If the weather is colder than expected the threat of CO poisoning could be greater. Roland Wessling lost his partner Hazel Williams in 2011 when she was overcome by CO fumes. The couple bought their barbecue, which was cold and no longer smoking, inside their tent without realising it was emitting deadly CO. Read Roland’s story here.

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When you get home
Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer to fix, fit and service your gas appliances

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Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms

  • headaches
  • dizziness 
  • nausea 
  • breathlessness 
  • collapse
  • loss of consciousness

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Top tips to holiday safety

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